Below is a list of ongoing/developing projects where you can see what I am getting up to. It's kind of like a prelude to the gallery exhibition statement so you can grasp an understanding of the projects while I work on them. Do be sure to check on my social media feeds via facebook or instagram, or via my media page, as I will tag any relevant works with a project title.  


 The first project under the series "Not a Hobby". Both form and Function play an integral role to the creation,display,usage and ownership of an object. They are descriptions but more importantly standards by which we determine the role of the object. This territory of ownership and the control we have over an object seems to be clean cut and simple, it's our choice.

But what If I were to challenge the ideas of form and function and try to remove them? This nonsensical idea brings about a stark reality. We cannot remove form or function. To remove it in one way is to only give it new form or function in another. This is about facing a reality that we are hosts to our objects. The body of work that will accompany this collection of thought will explore the abilities to reassemble and change form and to also explore the whether the status of being art is a function within itself.