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This page is where I place an overview of the current project. Being drawn back into a style I developed during my university years, I wish to once again become more playful and initiate projects which not only demonstrate sculptural finesse but generate thoughts on themes I encounter. 

The Intended Space

“The Intended Space” is the first of many projects exploring woodturning, its place within art, and understanding exactly how I relate to it.


I am using the practice of Turning, combined with my past as a conceptual artist/sculptor to share points of observation I have about the practice. As an artist who often straddles the line between Craft and Art, this is about understanding myself as much as the practices I incorporate.

“The Intended Space” to me, is about the relationships we have with an object and the space we wish to place/exhibit/promote/present/allocate/give/use….

I wish to observe just how these three aspects (the object, the location and us the audience) overlap each other in terms of priority when asking such questions as; How much of the objects status to us is dependent upon its assimilation with its location? Can the object change the way in which we understand a space? What part do we play in the allocation of space, and does change within the space alter our relationship with other objects that co-habit it?

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