The First Statement

William Dickinson has developed a Sculptural practice orientated around the perception of materials. Through the use of both traditional and experimental interactions, he seeks to provide the viewer with new insights to understanding and valuing material beyond it's conventional and subservient means. 

His inspiration lies in his own observations of material exploration shown by consumer culture in relation to his own upbringing within a craft based family. What he ultimately aims to do is to share his own understandings through the evidence of process, and open up new dialogues between audience and material.

The Second Statement 



Being brought up within a family where each member practices their own unique craft directed Will to adopt woodturning.

Intially a hobby, Wood-turning has now become a place in which he can take time away from more conceptually grounded projects and focus upon artisan based qualities. A meditative process in many ways.

However, the desire to share new experiences with material is just as prevalent. Through searching for some way to define his design, he has begun to explore the incorporation of found materials into his wood turnings via the method of inlay. By using found materials he is challenging himself to develop new contrasts, while also wanting to celebrate the adoptive quality of wood which we welcome into our homes and lifestyles.