My practice has revolved around one thing: understanding material. The idea of being a consumer, to take objects for their face value and function was always a blurred line to me.

I grew up within a family where each person practiced an art or craft. So making things as opposed to buying was normal, and because of the process of making I began to question materials and how we live alongside them.

As I developed my practice this process led method became the forefront of my work. 


Repeat observation and subsequent experimentation answers and generates questions about how and why things are, and what they could be. This method of working has become the way in which I wish to approach an audience. To pry away pre-existing thoughts on an object and its generic function in exchange for a mixture of new understandings tailored by each person’s own direction of thought. 


The method in which this has taken form has journeyed from conceptualism to craft and points in-between. I wood turned when I was younger and returned to this practice during a point of unsureness about what I was doing as an artist/maker. From there forward has been a journey of understanding as to how all of these things relate to each other and more importantly how I relate to them.